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Haywire is a place for people to connect to ideas, to each other and to themselves. Most people come here looking to learn about addiction whether for themselves or for a loved one. Along the way they meet others who are going through the same problem or who have made it safely through the troubles.

Brain fiber-bundles colored yellow. Haywire.

The idea behind Haywire is simple: you probably already have all you need to get well. The parts are just a little tangled.  Addiction is a disorder of choice. If you could see more clearly you might choose differently. Honesty, partnership and commitment are the antidotes to the ravages of addiction. If you can be honest about what has you down, connect with other people who want to stay healthy, and help each other though the tough spots you can live an amazing life.

Jason Giles, MD, a specialist in addiction medicine created the site. Dr. Giles’ perspective on the illness of addiction is informed by his own experience in sobriety, his study of philosophy and neuroscience.

The important thing to remember is you don’t have to be a doctor to help another person out of the darkness into the light. Our logo is a special MRI scan of the brain that shows the connection tracts called white-matter fiber bundles. They are the wiring everybody refers to. Colored yellow they resemble hay.